Warmth Factor Explained

What is a Warmth Factor?

Just like your favorite jar of salsa, our products have a warmth thermometer we call the "Warmth Factor" printed on the packaging indicating "mild, medium or hot" products. Think of the thermometer as a guide. Each product is rated based on its specific performance characteristics such as fabric and fit. When choosing the best product for you, consider body fit versus relaxed fit and warmth based on where you are going, what you are going to do and how sensitive you are to temperature. Above all else, have fun doing it all!

Which Warmth Factor is right for me?

When trying to decide what warmth factor is best for you, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Where are you going and what will the conditions be like? An expedition to the north pole will require more warmth than a day of Spring skiing in the Sierra mountains.
  2. What will you be doing? If you're planning to spend most of the day just chillin' in a chair watching everyone else, you'll need your base layer to work harder to keep you warm. If you'll be hiking the half pipe all day, your body will be keeping you warmer and so the lower the warmth factor you'll need.
  3. How cold do you normally get? If you're the one wearing short sleeves and shorts in the middle of winter, you won't need as much warmth from your base layer. If you feel a chill in the middle of summer, you'll need a higher warmth factor.

If you're still not sure, go with a product ranging from 6 to 8 and make the top a zip-t so you can zip up when it's colder and zip down when you want to release the heat.  


Midweight - Rated 6 and 8 on our Warmth Thermometer.

Our most popular products fall into this range. These fabrics include our best performance base layer products as well as some very stylish mid layers. Products with a warmth factor between 6 through 8 are some of our most popular medium warmth, midweight products designed for excellent moisture management and slightly greater warmth. Great for cold conditions and perfect for performing with you all day on the mountain.

Mountain Weight - Rated 9 and 10 on our Warmth Thermometer.

Products with a warmth factor between 9 and 10 are our warmest, heavy weight products designed for excellent moisture management in the most extremely cold conditions. These products are excellent as a second layer to wear over top of our other base layer products when it's really cold.





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