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Hot Chillys FAQ

Product Guide

What product should I buy?

I've never worn Hot Chillys before, and I'm going camping/skiing/etc in a few days. What should I get?

Which base layer is best for my kid(s)?

Which fabric is best for my kid(s)?

Help picking out socks

Do Hot Chillys socks come up over the calf and knee? What is the difference between mid-volume and low-volume socks? What does the 'volume' refer to? Which should I choose?

What is the content of your socks?

What is Hot Chillys' warmest base layer?

What's your warmest baselayer?

How is Pepper Bi-Ply different from Pepper Skins?

How is Pepper Bi-Ply different from Pepper Skins? Which is warmer?

Fabric Content

Hot Chillys Fabric Content

Product Care

Washing / Drying Guidlines

Do Hot Chillys shrink when machine washed and placed in a dryer? How should I wash them?

How long will they last?

How long will my Hot Chillys last before they start to lose their spiciness?

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