Frequently Asked Questions

I've never worn Hot Chillys before, and I'm going camping/skiing/etc in a few days. What should I get?

We recommend first timers try our classic Micro-Elite Chamois.  It has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio made of the same stuff that made Hot Chillys famous more than thirty years ago.  You can't go wrong with Chamois, the baselayer of choice for winter sport enthusiasts everywhere.

Which fabric is best for my kid(s)?

Hot Chillys is very much a family-oriented company and features several collections built exclusively for kids, but to keep yours from looking like overstuffed piñatas or bloated Oompa Loompas, we recommend our Youth Originals II.  It's a solid midweight fabric that's super stretchy and easy to layer.  Originals II has an ideal warmth-to-weight ratio that will keep your children warm and bulk-free.

Do Hot Chillys socks come up over the calf and knee? What is the difference between mid-volume and low-volume socks? What does the 'volume' refer to? Which should I choose?

All HC socks cover the calf muscle and cut off just below the knee to ensure optimum support and mobility.  HC mid-volume socks have padded cushioning distributed evenly throughout the sock, while HC low-volume socks concentrate cushioning in only the heel and toe areas. Based on your boot fit and personal preference for thick or thin socks, you should have a fairly good idea which volume you'll need.  We also make a classic extra-low volume compression sock that some skiers use on the slopes and during recovery.

Do Hot Chillys shrink when machine washed and placed in a dryer? How should I wash them?

Because our base layers consist mostly of polyester, nylon or merino wool, shrinking rarely occurs.  Though they're called Hot Chillys, we wouldn't recommend a hot wash cycle or high heat when drying, as these settings will damage the fabric over time.  Also, avoid using fabric softener or other additives, as they can impair or otherwise inhibit the fabric's ability to effectively wick moisture from your skin.  Our best advice: machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

How long will my Hot Chillys last before they start to lose their spiciness?

Depending on how frequently you use them and how well they're cared for, a pair of HC thermals can remain fresh and functional for years. We frequently get feedback from customers praising our apparel's durability and seeking advice for replacing their old Chillys from over a decade ago!

What's your warmest base layer?

Two words: La Montaña.

How is Pepper Bi-Ply different from Pepper Skins? Which is warmer?

Pepper Bi-Ply is essentially two layers of Pepper Skins pressed together.  Bi-Ply is therefore slightly warmer than Pepper Skins.

Where can I find your size chart?

It's right here.

Have a question we didn't answer? 

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