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Pietro Simonetti



Simonetti is no stranger to performing extreme stunts to raise money for good causes. In 2001, he found himself standing on top of Aconcagua -- at 23,000 feet, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. In March of 2002, Simonetti, and four other Across the Atlas (ATA) teammates, set a Guinness World Record by skiing all 28 Colorado resorts in a frantic 80 hours and 41 minutes. Simonetti was one of two skiers on a 2003 Kilimanjaro expedition, who made a descent down Kili`s Heim Glacier. In 2005, Simonetti skiied on both the snow and the Sahara sand of Morocco. 2006 was a big year for Simonetti and his crew, with separate treks to the summit of Mount Elbrus -- Europe`s highest point -- and uncharted territories in northern Alaska. In January 2008, Simonetti led his ATA posse in skiing all California resorts in four record-setting days.

All these expeditions are done for worthy causes whose needs, Simonetti points out, far exceed the team`s notable achievements.

Last February, Pietro Simonetti was one of four Across the Atlas adventurers to embark on a spectacular goal of skiing all of continental Europe in less than two weeks.


Pietro is quite the world traveler! He has many trips planned for skiing and climbing in 2018:

March / April: Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (Argentina and Chile)

July: Faroe Islands, Iceland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Hungary and the Azores Islands. While in Europe he is planning to climb the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

Follow Pietro on Instagram @pietrosimonetti73


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