La Monta‎ña

La Montaña is warmth without question. These heavyweight base layers are light and lofty powerhouses for warmth, without limiting movement. La Montaña utilizes MTF Moisture Transfer Fibers to move moisture away from the body. These extreme cold weather thermals are anatomically designed garments have our Micro-Elite Chamois panels for enhanced odor management, added warmth and our low profile fit. 

Features of these extreme cold weather thermals:

  • Micro-denier polyester fibers for lighter weight, luxurious drape, breathability, warmth without added bulk, strength and durability
  • MTF polyester moisture transfer fibers for increased moisture management
  • Micro-Elite Chamois panels with Bio-Silver® for freshness
  • Micro-Elite Chamois panels provide a Body Fit design with freedom of movement
  • UPF 40 protection

Keep warm up on the mountain with these heavyweight base layers!