At What Age Can Kids Begin Skiing and Snowboarding?

At What Age Can Kids Begin Skiing and Snowboarding?

You want to take everyone out to the snowy mountains at a lovely resort for your next family vacation. You’re so excited to get out there to ski and snowboard as you have before, but then you begin to wonder if your kids can participate in your favorite activities. At what age can kids begin skiing and snowboarding?

The Right Age To Start

In general, children who are around seven years old will have stronger muscles and more control of their bodies. This is a great age for your kids to start learning either skiing or snowboarding, but they may not have to wait that long.


Every child develops coordination skills at varying ages. Generally, skiing is easier for younger children to learn compared to snowboarding. That’s why some children start skiing as young as three years old!

Kids can balance more easily on skis than on snowboards. There are other techniques involved in skiing, but children typically pick up the skills quickly. Children face the most trouble with controlling the ski poles and not letting them cross one another. With time and practice, your child will get the hang of it!


Snowboarding techniques are more challenging to perfect compared to skiing techniques. Snowboarding requires more physical development and skills that younger children might not have yet.

Seven is a good age for children to start snowboarding. The younger the child, the less balance they have on their feet. If your child is eager and you can see they have great coordination skills from a young age, you might try snowboarding at five or six years old.

Schedule a Lesson

When you get to the resort, schedule a snowboarding or ski lesson for your children with an instructor. While you might know a lot about both sports, children may learn more from an instructor. The instructor can teach you child about the equipment, how to be safe, and how to be aware of their surroundings.

Once they know the basics, your children are ready to start on the slopes. Over time, they’ll learn how to perfect these skills.

It’s a lovely moment when your children are old enough to participate in a sport that you adore. You know your children best; you ultimately will decide what age your kids can begin skiing and snowboarding. When you think they’re ready, you’ll have the time of your life as a family! And before bringing your kids to the mountains, remember to pack winter thermals for toddlers from Hot Chillys to keep them warm no matter which activity they prefer.