Chil-Block Extreme Cold Weather Face Masks

Made for EXTREME Conditions

The Chil-Block extreme cold weather face masks from Hot Chillys are made to stand up against the most frigid conditions to keep you warm. These masks are our best line of defense against the freezing cold; plus, they use material that is both breathable and flexible yet blocks penetrating winds to keep you protected. Contact us or learn more about our Chil-Block extreme cold weather face masks.


Flex Fit Nose Bridge
  • Our extreme cold weather masks fit comfortably over nose bridge and cheekbones
  • Full and half face masks for winter are padded for extra comfort
    Optimal Airflow Mesh
    • Chil-Block winter masks have multi-layer mesh for optimal breath-ability
    • Diffuses incoming cold air
    • This warm face mask has special yarns for easy cleaning and inhibit odor
    3D Chil-Block Extreme Cold Weather Face Masks

    • 3-Dimensional design creates micro-climate of warmth
    • Nonrestrictive, comfortable fit over mouth and nose
    • Chil-Block fabric for extreme conditions
      • Windproof
      • Waterproof/Breathable
      • Odor blocking properties
    • Hot Chillys' performance winter masks are not intended to be used as medical grade face masks or as a method to prevent disease, illness, or the spread of viruses.