Most Common Winter Layering Mistakes

Most Common Winter Layering Mistakes

When you’re venturing outside in the dead of winter, it’s important to keep yourself warm. The best way to accomplish this is by wearing the right clothing and layering properly. But layering incorrectly does not get the best results. To stay warm this winter, learn to avoid the most common winter layering mistakes.

Dressing for Fashion

When dressing for a winter day outdoors, many people will make the mistake of dressing for fashion rather than function. No one will care how fashionable you look if you end up suffering frostbite because of your outfit choices! But don’t worry—fashion and function aren’t mutually exclusive. Choose clothing in a style and color you love, but that will also keep you warm and dry during your snowy adventures.

Wearing the Wrong Material

So you’re wearing a few layers, and you think you’re all set to spend the day outside. But are you wearing clothing made of the right materials? As a general rule, cotton pieces, including socks, are a big no-no. This is because cotton absorbs and retains moisture, which will cause your feet and body to get cold far more quickly than if you were wearing another material. For effective layering, wear quality winter thermals made of materials like merino wool or sweat-wicking synthetic materials.

Too Few or Too Many Layers

Layering properly does take a little know-how and advance planning. You may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to wear too few or too many layers. Too few layers, and you’ll find yourself growing cold during your time outside with no way to fix it. On the other hand, too many layers combined with intensive physical activity can cause you to overheat. This will in turn cause you to sweat and soak your base layer, rendering it ineffective. If you’re overheating, always be sure to remove your top layer to regulate your body temperature.

Forgetting Accessories

When dressing for winter weather, don’t forget about winter accessories! Your hands, feet, neck, and head all need to stay warm too. Winter accessories aren’t expensive, and they’ll help to keep your whole body warm and dry throughout your time outside.

If you avoid these most common winter layering mistakes and learn to layer properly, you’ll be set to have fun in the snow while staying warm and dry.