Top Winter Sports Destinations in North America for 2022

Top Winter Sports Destinations in North America for 2022

We have searched out only the primetime vacation spots if you’re a winter sports enthusiast for this year. If you happen to travel to any of these three locations, you will have all the amenities that you need, from snow skiing to snowboarding, tubing, and hiking. You name it, and we have it taken care of for your pleasure. Here are the top winter sports destinations in North America for 2022.

Lake Tahoe

How could you ever go wrong with the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe? So many people travel out of their way every day, year-round, to see this marvel of nature. You could do a little primitive camping while on your trip and then drive up to your destination for some skiing for the day. Either way, you’ll enjoy the warmth of your campsite while you’re relaxing and then the cool, brisk air while you’re in the mountains. Tahoe has it all, no matter what you do while you’re there.


It’s been said that there is no other place quite like Aspen, Colorado, with as many skiing locations all in one area. This puts Aspen on the map as being the world’s top ski resort location, surpassing California and other regions. If you’re looking for extreme exhilaration, then look no further than Aspen, as this place was made for the outdoors. You’ll be faced with the Rocky Mountains on all sides of you as you head through the mountain passes on your way to the next one, as long as you can handle the slopes.

Smoky Mountains

The region of the Great Smoky Mountains might be a quiet one, but don’t let it fool you. This is a hiker’s paradise. You can actually hike the Appalachian Trail, which extends from Tennessee into Virginia, where it stretches through multiple states. The scenery and majesty of these mountains have people coming back for the hike annually, but camping is also a great recreation while on the trip. You’ll want to take breaks occasionally and recuperate from all the excitement. Make sure you’re wearing your thermal wear while you’re hiking those mountains, as they tend to get pretty frigid in the winter.

These have been the top winter sports destinations of North America in 2022 for all of you outdoor types, and even for those who have never tried it before. This could be a new adventure for you, so there’s no time like the present to get to it.