Why Do We All Feel Temperatures Differently?

Why Do We All Feel Temperatures Differently?

A beautiful 65 degrees Fahrenheit outside may not feel so pleasant to others. Each human body feels temperatures differently, but why? What makes every person so unique that a pleasant, cool temperature to one person feels like a cold winter day for another? Read more below to find out the key factors that cause people to feel temperatures differently.

Varying Ages

Have you ever heard of people joking that elderly people are always cold? There’s a reason behind this common remark. Older individuals have a lower overall body temperature which causes lower blood circulation. It also makes them more likely to contract illnesses.

Children are also likely to lose body heat more quickly than adults. Children exert energy at a fast rate and have a high metabolism. They rapidly lose body heat because of their bodies’ increased activity levels.

When the weather is cold, and you plan an outdoor activity with your little ones, it’s important to have warm thermals for toddlers to lock in heat and allow the clothing to wick away any moisture. It’s the perfect balance to keep them and people of all ages comfortable during the winter months.

Acclamation To the Environment

After living in a specific region your whole life, your body acclimates to the region’s weather and temperature patterns. A person who lives comfortably in a state with consistent temperatures and frequent sunny weather will struggle in comparison to a person from a region with freezing temperatures and snow.

Our bodies adapt to our environments. When you grow up, you become comfortable with the weather around you. Experiencing changes in your established weather environment causes you to feel temperatures differently than people from other regions.

Fluctuating Hormones

Have you ever experienced a hot flash or sudden chills? Most people associate these occurrences as a symptom of an illness or believe it’s something only women experience. Fluctuating hormones are an entirely normal experience that both men and women encounter.

A hormonal imbalance occurs due to stress, hormonal medications, low blood sugar, and even adrenaline. Men will experience hormonal imbalances in their testosterone, while women experience imbalances in estrogen and progesterone. While there are a variety of causes for why we all feel temperatures differently, it’s important to do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and accommodate your needs.

You never know when the temperature might change or your body might experience a hot flash. Wearing light layers is the best way to avoid this occurrence! If you’re feeling warm, take off your jacket or sweater, so you’re only wearing a t-shirt. When your body feels relaxed again, start adding some layers. Layering is the most effective way to keep your body comfortable, no matter the temperature!