Facts and Myths About Dressing Warmly for Winter

Facts and Myths About Dressing Warmly for Winter

Debunking myths can prove to be quite challenging, but in today’s age of information, we have more resources now than ever. The trick is to find the right information, and you can do this through analysis of scientific methods and data to determine which information is fact and which is fiction.

Trimming down all the excess information will help to establish the facts and myths about dressing warmly for winter so you will know how to best prepare yourself the next time you are out in the elements.

Dress Warm To Prevent Illness

Growing up, most people hear that by dressing well for winter, they will keep themselves from catching a cold and getting sick. The reality is viruses are spread no matter the weather conditions and can be transmitted at any time. Dressing warmly does prevent hypothermia and frostbite, which are problems of their own but are not viral.

Losing Heat Through Your Head

People often say that you need to wear a hat in winter conditions so that you can keep your head warm. This is also said to be important because if your head gets cold, you will have lost most of your body heat.

The truth is that this only applies to babies due to surface mass. Because babies only have a small surface mass, their heads make up for a good percentage, and they can lose a lot of heat through it. But as an adult, it is highly unlikely that you will lose the same amount of heat, even if your head does radiate more than the average person’s head.

Dressing in Layers To Keep Warm

Dressing in layers to keep warm is widely debated but also proves to be effective in certain circumstances. What this means is that by wearing layers, you will keep warm in winter weather, but you must wear the correct amount, type, and order of layers for it to be effective.

Men’s thermal long johns have been a favorite over the years, but there is one problem that could arise when wearing them. Most are made strictly of cotton, which can take away heat from your body as they hold on to sweat, which then cools your body drastically. This is the main thing to think about when wearing long johns.

Now that we have covered the bases of some of the most widespread myths about dressing in the winter, you can be confident and ready to get out into the wilderness for your next big adventure. It’s important that you know these things before setting out so that you can have the correct knowledge to keep yourself warm and out of harm’s way. Therefore, it’s equally as important to establish the facts from myths about dressing warmly for winter just for occasions such as these.