Patented Face Mask Technology to Protect you from the Wind, Snow and Cold

Snowboarding Mammoth with Mask

Hot Chillys knows that covering your face, neck and head is imperative for you to stay safe and comfortable in cold or extreme weather conditions. That is why we designed the 3D Micro-Elite Chamois Mask and the 3D Chil-Block Extreme Cold Weather Face Masks with special technology to keep you protected from the wind, snow and cold air.

 Flex Fit Nose Bridge

Our masks are designed to fit comfortably over your nose bridge and cheekbones. The nose bridge in both our full and half face masks are padded for extra comfort and protection. The nose bridge piece itself is made with special alloy material, a metal especially made to give greater flexibility and resistance to corrosion, so you do not have to worry about the nose bridge piece freezing or breaking.

 Optimal Airflow Mesh

To ensure optimal breathability, the nose and mouth areas feature a multi-layer mesh material that helps diffuse incoming cold air while not inhibiting breathing. The mesh also contains yarns to help with easy cleaning and inhibiting odor. 

3D Chil-Block Extreme Cold Weather Face Masks vs 3D Micro-Elite Chamois Mask

So what are the main differences between these two masks? The Chil-Block fabric for extreme conditions makes the mask windproof and waterproof, whereas the Micro-Elite Chamois fabric for cold conditions only makes the mask wind resistant. Given these differences, you can choose a mask that perfectly fits the weather conditions you will be in. Shop for our 3D Chil-Block Extreme Cold Weather Face Masks here and our 3D Micro-Elite Chamois Mask here !

Our masks are made of high quality mesh, soft, anti-odor and breathable fabrics. These masks will keep you warm, dry and comfortable in the winter. Our Hot Chilly face masks are made with innovative technology that will properly prepare you to take on cold or extreme weather conditions! These masks also make great gifts for the holidays so shop now!