Why Body Fit Base Layer is Key to Staying Warm and Dry

Why Body Fit Base Layer is Key to Staying Warm and Dry

Hot Chillys Body Fit Base Layer is carefully designed to keep you warm and dry so that you can focus on having fun when embarking on cold weather adventures. There are three main design components of this ultimate garment: warmth, performance and wearable comfort.


Our body fit base layers contain a warmth factor thermometer that tells you how warm each of our products are. Our body fit base layers are ranked from mild to hot, and for cold weather activities we recommend choosing between warmth factors 6, 7, and 8.


Body fit base layers move moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable.  We know that our clothing is popular among athletics and those that love cold weather activities, that is why some of our body fit base layers have bio-silver and activated carbon intimately blended into the fabric to inhibit odor-causing bacteria. These natural, silver and activated carbon-based properties remain active for the lifetime of the base layer, so you will not have to worry about the integrity of garment weakening with use.

The body fit base layer also includes an ultraviolet protection factor to keep you safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Our body fit base layer was created to protect you!

Wearable Comfort

The breathable material of the body fit base layer possess moisture transfer fibers (MTF) which move moisture away from your body by employing hydrophobic yarns to wick away perspiration, thereby keeping you dry and comfortable.

The body fit base layers are also designed with 4-way stretch which provides you with full range of motion and eliminates extra bulk while hugging your body for a next-to-skin fit. This incredible garment moves with you!

Our high-performing thermals are your go-to classic base layer. With our durable and reliable Body Fit Base Layer, the adventure is yours! These make great gifts for the holidays as well.

Our thermals will not only keep you warm for years to come, but also give you a flattering fit, making it your essential cold weather garment! Shop our incredible product selection for  Thermal Base Layers below!

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