How To Choose the Right Base Layer

How To Choose the Right Base Layer


Cold weather makes it tempting to stay indoors, but there’s so much fun to be had outside. From venturing into the mountains for an exciting winter vacation to simply keeping up with your regular workout routine, there are plenty of ways to get your fix of the great outdoors. However, if you plan to spend time outside this winter, you’ll need the proper gear. The right winter clothes keep you warm and dry, no matter where you go or what you do. Of course, building a good cold-weather outfit starts by choosing the best base layer for winter. Learn how to choose the right base layer for your winter lifestyle with these tips.

The Importance of a Base Layer

To choose the best base layer for winter, you first have to understand what the base layer is supposed to do. Your winter gear should consist of three layers: the base, the middle, and the outer layer. All three work to move perspiration away from your body, trap body heat, and keep out the cold, wind, and snow. The base layer plays an important role in transferring moisture through the other two layers, keeping you dry and warm. In addition to using breathable material, a good base layer should be soft and comfortable beneath the rest of your clothes.

Match Weight To Temperature

Base layers come in different weights to match the specific temperature you’ll encounter. These weights break down into three general categories: warm, warmer, and warmest. Lighter base layers consist of strong microfiber polyester, which allows you to layer and move without the extra weight of a thicker material. Mid-range base layers are a little heavier, providing extra warmth for colder temperatures without overdoing it. Heavier layers, of course, are perfect for extreme temperatures. These often incorporate fleece or other heavy, warm materials for extra insulation.

Choose the Fit for You

Part of how to choose the right base layer is considering the fit of your fabric. At Hot Chillys, you can purchase women's and men's thermal base layers in relaxed fit, active fit, or body fit. Relaxed fit layers sit loosely on your body to provide a gentle, comfortable layer. This fit is perfect for daily wear or lighter activities. The active fit base layer aligns with your body, providing a light layer with an average amount of stretch to it. This makes active fit products less bulky than the relaxed fit. The body fit style hugs your skin closely and stretches to accommodate a full range of movement. Body fit base layers are extremely breathable, making them perfect for extreme winter activities.

The best base layer for winter depends on you, your body, and how you plan to spend your time outdoors. No matter what style you choose, find quality materials and designs when you visit Hot Chillys today.