Tips for Choosing Thermal Clothing for Kids

Tips for Choosing Thermal Clothing for Kids

It’s the first real snowfall of the year, and your kids want to go outside and play. Before you send them out, make sure they’re properly bundled up! Follow these tips for choosing thermal clothing for kids to keep them warm and happy.

Choose a Quality Material

Keeping your kids warm during the cold winter weather starts with choosing a good youth base layer. A base layer should effectively wick sweat and insulate the body. Quality base layers can be made from either synthetic material or merino wool. While merino wool is usually the higher quality option, it may be wisest to buy your children the cheaper (but still high quality) option of synthetic material if they are still growing.

Find the Right Fit

Make sure that the base layers you choose fit your children properly. A properly fitting base layer will be tight but not constricting. If your child can’t comfortably move or they feel that their circulation is being cut off, their clothing is too tight! When buying thermals for children, it can be tempting to buy a larger size to accommodate growth. Don’t do this, as it can decrease the effectiveness of the thermal.

Consider Thermal Pants

If your children are out playing in the snow, you’ll want to make sure their legs stay warm and dry too. On cold days, your child should wear a pair of thermal pants as a base layer beneath their normal pants to keep them extra warm. Choose thermal pants in the same way you would thermal shirts—choose the right material and the proper fit to keep your child warm and dry.

Choose Thermal Accessories

Finally, choose the proper winter accessories for your child. These include warm socks, hats, gloves, scarves, and any other accessories you think they need. Thermal varieties of each of these accessories are available and will give your children the extra warmth they need. When choosing any of these accessories, avoid cotton, as it absorbs moisture quickly and dries slowly, leaving your child feeling wet and cold. This is especially important when choosing socks.

Choosing a quality base layer and other thermal accessories for your children is important to keep them warm. This winter, use these tips for choosing thermal clothing for kids to keep your children warm and dry while they have a great time in the snow.