Tips for Taking a Camping Trip With Kids

Tips for Taking a Camping Trip With Kids

Have you ever tried camping with your kids? Done right, a family camping trip can be a great way to spend time as a family and teach kids to love the outdoors. But from the offset, camping as a family can sound, well, a little overwhelming, especially for parents of young kids. Perhaps all you need to make the situation seem less intimidating and more fun are these tips for taking a camping trip with kids.

Prepare Your Kids for Camping

A first camping trip is both an exciting and scary experience for most young kids—and even some older first-time campers. Before setting out on your actual camping trip, prepare your kids for the experience by telling them what to expect, showing them how to use the camping gear, or letting them sleep in your backyard in the tent for a night.

Bring the Right Gear

Any time you’re camping, it’s important to bring the right gear, but it’s especially important to remember everything when your kids are along for the ride! Pack the essentials such as a tent, warm sleeping bags, cooking gear, food, safety equipment, and any other gear you’ll need. To make sure your kids have the best experience possible, dress them in clothes appropriate for the weather. In the rainy spring season, this might mean packing some rain gear, while in colder weather, you’ll need to dress your kids in kids’ thermals.

Pack Some Entertainment

Kids tend to get bored easily, so when you go camping, bring along some extra entertainment. Foster a greater appreciation of the outdoors in your kids by leaving the electronics at home or locked safely in the car—no need for an iPad in the wilderness! Instead, bring some favorite small toys or fun activities for younger children, such as bubbles, binoculars, or a favorite stuffed animal. For older kids, pack an activity that the whole family can enjoy—roast some marshmallows, bring a soccer ball to kick around, or pack an outdoor game like bocce ball, or even a board game to play by the campfire.

Whether you already love camping and want to share it with your kids or just want to experience something new for the first time as a family, these tips for taking a camping trip with kids will come in handy. Make your camping trip enjoyable for everyone, and go have the camping trip of a lifetime.