What To Know Before Your Family Trip to Alaska

What To Know Before Your Family Trip to Alaska

Alaska is a U.S. state that borders Canada and rests on the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean. The abundant wildlife of whales, birds, and bears, paired with the extraordinary landscapes, makes this a destination your family can’t skip. Here are some things to know before planning a family trip to Alaska!

Alaska Is Lovely To Visit Any Time of the Year

Each family has their preferences. No matter what season your family chooses to travel in, you’re guaranteed to have a marvelous vacation. To help you decide when you’d like to visit, here are some things you should know about the seasons before planning a trip to Alaska.

From May to September, there will be more tourists around. Wildlife is more abundant due to the warm temperatures and longer days. But if you decide to visit from October to April, you’re much more likely to see the phenomenal Aurora Borealis.

Try skiing and snowboarding with the family during this season. Witness the incredible glaciers and admire the gorgeous wintry landscapes of Alaska. The winter and spring months are less busy, so you’ll have more time to try everything on your list.

You’ll need to bring heavier clothing to battle against the cold weather if you go between October and April. Young children, in particular, will need a midweight youth base layer set to keep them warm throughout every activity.

Alaska Is a Very Large State

While you may think of Alaska as a one-stop destination, the truth is the state is incredibly vast! Before booking, research the activities and sights to see. From there, you can pick a central location near what you’d like to visit the most.

You may even consider consulting a travel agency if planning on your own feels too overwhelming. They can help you make sure you see and do everything on your list.

Book the Trip Months in Advance

For a magnificent family vacation destination like Alaska, you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. It’s crucial to book room accommodations, activities, and excursions several months in advance.

If you plan to visit in the summer, booking early is especially important because of the surge of tourists. You want to ensure your family does every activity on your itinerary. To make those ideas come to life, be sure to book them ahead of time!

Arrive Immensely Prepared

Alaska isn’t your average state. Mountains, glaciers, and a spectacular culture are woven throughout the region. When you visit Alaska, it’s essential that you prepare your family for the trip to the best of your ability. Plan activities ahead of time and pack the right clothing—being prepared will make traveling to Alaska a more enjoyable experience.