Why Fleece Is a Great Material for Outerwear

Why Fleece Is a Great Material for Outerwear

Most fleece is made from a synthetic fabric called polyester. It can also be made from other fibers like cotton, spandex, or wool.

When you’re cold on a hike in the spring or need extra protection when skiing on the slopes, you can rely on fleece’s versatility. Find out why fleece is a great material for keeping warm.

Fleece Has Incredible Moisture Resistance

Fleece has inherently moisture-resistant properties that allow it to absorb less moisture and dry quickly.

It’s never pleasant to sit in your sweat or a water-soaked shirt. Some fabrics like cotton or wool take a long time to dry. Fleece is a great material that will repel sweat or small amounts of water you deal with throughout your activities.

Fleece Is a Breathable Material

Nothing feels worse than wearing clothing that sticks to your skin and feels suffocating. Outdoor clothing often feels bulky, making it difficult to move and creating a confined sensation.

Water and air easily pass through fleece fibers. You’ll feel the cool breeze rush by as the fabric maintains a warm body temperature. Overall, fleece is a breathable, lightweight material that keeps you warm all day long!

Fleece Is Very Soft and Plush

Some warm clothing options feel scratchy, causing discomfort and making your outdoor adventures bothersome. Instead of putting up with harsh clothing, wear fleece! This soft material won’t irritate the skin. Alongside its moisture-wicking and breathable properties, you’ll discover that you feel most comfortable wearing fleece during your outdoor adventures.

Fleece Is Available in Various Warmth Levels

Fleece is versatile and ready to work beside you through your activities. One of the reasons why fleece is a great outerwear material is because it’s available in various levels of warmth. The lowest warmth level is lightweight, great for a sunny yet brisk day when you need minimal coverage.

Midweight fleece is one of the most versatile options for outerwear. Its warm properties aren’t overbearing when exerting energy. Midweight fleece establishes a balance to ensure you’re comfortable during all stages of your adventure.

Fleece is also great for children! Since kids lose heat more rapidly than adults, midweight kids' base layer tops are ideal for keeping your little ones snug no matter the activity.

Heavyweight fleece fabrics are great for very low temperatures. Although they aren’t as popular as lightweight or midweight fleece, people wear heavyweight fleece as an outer layer to maintain a warm body temperature in extremely cold conditions.

If you’re searching for a new outer layer, look no further than Hot Chillys’ selection of midweight fleece base layers! All these amazing qualities will encourage you to explore the great outdoors during all seasons.