What To Wear When Your Office Is Freezing

What To Wear When Your Office Is Freezing

In the morning, you pick out a lovely outfit for work. Pleated trousers, a colorful undershirt, and your favorite blazer on top.

Somehow, despite all these layers, you still find yourself shivering in the office. You can’t control the air conditioning, so what can you do to solve the problem? Here are some items you can wear when your office is freezing.

A Cozy Base Layer

Some days, the frigid office is just too much. As you get dressed for work in the morning, you scour your closet for warmer items to keep you comfortable.

Rather than search for heavy jackets and sweaters, consider starting your outfit with a better base layer. Women’s base layers are high-quality garments made from a polyester and spandex blend.

The purpose of the material is to trap heat while expelling moisture. Add a long sleeve base layer on the days you feel extra chilly. This valuable material will act as a strong foundation to keep you warm all day.

Fleece or Wool Sweaters

You’re always looking to switch up your outfits. Some days, you want to wear a sweater with a classic pair of business-attire trousers. When the weather is brisk and the office is even colder, a fleece or wool sweater may become your new favorite garment!

Wool is a natural material that’s especially warm and can clear away moisture. Bodies sweat, so it’s important to find a material that will assist this natural bodily function.

Additionally, fleece is a synthetic material made from polyester. It’s commonly part of a blend with other fabrics like polyester, wool, and spandex. The soft fleece material is airy and lightweight. While it doesn’t feel heavy on the body, it’s a very warm material that is sure to keep you comfortable at work.

An Office Jacket or Cardigan

Some days, you dress for the weather outside. It’s a little breezy, but the sunshine resolves the subtle chill. So, you forget to think about how unbearably cold your office is.

Keep a jacket or cardigan in your desk drawer for the days when you forget how cold it is in the office. Make sure it’s a neutral option that will match most business attire. Whenever the AC blasts cool air, you’ll have a jacket or cardigan ready to cozy up in at your desk.

Closed-Toed Shoes

Some offices are more casual than others. You may enjoy wearing open-toed shoes occasionally. However, if you’re frequently chilly at the office, your toes need protection too!

Closed-toed shoes are better to wear when your office is freezing. The barrier of the shoes will keep your toes warm. Additionally, you’ll have socks underneath to keep them extra toasty throughout the day.

Photo by ASIA CULTURECENTER on Unsplash