10 Best Winter Sports To Try With Your Kids

10 Best Winter Sports To Try With Your Kids

If you’re a family who loves the outdoors and staying active together, the winter may feel like it’s limiting your family activities. There’s an easy way to change that! Learn about 10 of the best winter sports to try with your kids.

Ice Skating

Even very young children can try ice skating. If they can walk on their own, they can start to skate! Ice skating is a beautiful sport that enhances a variety of skills. Kids are constantly improving their motor skills as they grow up. Ice skating is a sport that’s famous for improving muscle strength, posture, and coordination. Ice skating can help them fine-tune their movements if they're constantly flailing their limbs.

There’s always an ice-skating rink nearby or a completely frozen-over lake you can skate on. Try it out with your kids this winter and watch them fall in love with the sport.

Ice Hockey

Toss on your ice skates, and let’s play some hockey! Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport that’s incredibly fun for all ages. Get competitive with your family as you each skate along the ice and attempt to score a goal. Ice skating is fun for a leisurely skate, but when you want something a little more active, thrilling, or competitive, ice hockey may be the sport your kids need to try.

Divide everyone into two teams. This game is not only perfect for exercising but for building communication and bonding skills as well. Hockey is a fantastic sport where every team must work together to reach the end goal.


You don’t need expert skills here! Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities for people of all ages. While it may seem intimidating, skiing is a low-risk sport. You can go at your own pace, making this an ideal sport for children gradually learning to ski.

Children can typically start skiing around the age of seven, and they will need to take some ski lessons with the help of an instructor. Over time, your children will become more independent on the slopes as their skills progress.


Snowboarding is another fan-favorite winter sport. In comparison to skiing, snowboarding is a little more challenging. It requires more skills and techniques that younger children might need help to perfect.

With assistance from an instructor, your children can learn the basic skills to balance themselves on their snowboard. Pack on the warm layers, wear good boots, put on a helmet, and lock their feet on the snowboard to get the activity going! They’ll quickly learn to navigate the slopes and control their footing on the board.

Fat Tire Snow Biking

Do your children love bike riding? There’s a sport that can make bike riding in the snow possible!

Fat tire snow biking is exactly what the name indicates. The bikes feature tires with a width of four to five inches. The deep tread and wide tires make biking through the snow incredible. You can venture through never-before-seen terrain while getting in an amazing workout. With these durable tires, you can trek through just about anything!

You and your children will feel amazing on this adventure because of the unique opportunities the sport brings! Dress in warm layers, lock in your helmet, wear a pair of sunglasses, and ride the bike through the dazzling snow!


When the snow and ice melt and the hiking trails are clear, take your kids out for a fun day of hiking! Breathe in the fresh air, take in the sights of nature, and enjoy quality time while exercising with your family.

Hiking moves more slowly than other sports like ice hockey and skiing. It exposes your children to the environment’s natural beauty. There are so many incredible benefits to hiking in the winter with your children that it’s a sport you can’t pass up!

Choose a local hiking trail you’re familiar with nearby. You’ll know the twists and turns of the path that will keep everyone safe throughout the hike.


Do you want to take your average hiking trip to the next level? Snowshoeing is like hiking but on snowy terrain. Children who love the outdoors will adore this activity because they can explore the trails. Trek through the snow and witness birds and other wildlife operating in their natural environment.

Snowshoeing is one of the best winter sports that kids should try! It’s a relatively easy activity that requires no prior experience. Since it resembles hiking, most families should have no trouble attempting this sport.

You will need additional gear like snowshoes, footwear like sneakers or snow boots, gaiters, and snowshoe poles. It’s a relatively inexpensive sport that’s simple to learn. Choose a simple and short trail since it will take longer than the average hiking trail. Your children will love the adventure of exploring the terrain and will be ready for next year’s trip!


Sledding is a classic sport that’s exciting for children and parents alike. You can easily find the perfect hill for sledding at a local park or even in your backyard!

Dressing in the proper clothing is the best way to enjoy a day of sledding. When it comes to staying warm, remember to start with midweight kids' long johns to keep them warm throughout the adventure. A coat, a pair of pants, a fuzzy hat, and water-resistant gloves are also a must! Don’t forget to put on their favorite pair of snow boots, so they can trek back up the hill after rushing down the snow on their sled.


Perhaps your hometown is short on snow, or you can’t take a family vacation to the slopes this winter. There are plenty of excellent sports kids can play during the wintertime that aren’t technically winter sports.

Shooting hoops, dribbling down the court, and rushing to steal the ball from the opposing team. You can play this game at a local gym indoors or outside in the driveway or backyard. Basketball improves team communication and hand-eye coordination. If your kids want to play other sports in the future, basketball is a good starting point to try this winter.


When you’re tired of adventuring outdoors and want something more laid back, bowling is an exciting indoor sport that’s popular during the wintertime. You can eat snacks, play arcade games, and compete to knock down the most pins during the match!

The good news is that bowling is perfect because it doesn’t require intense physical activity. On a cold day, when you want to drink hot cocoa and relax with your children, consider taking a trip to the bowling alley.

Which sport sounds perfect for your family? No matter where you live, there’s a way to try at least one of these amazing winter activities with your children that everyone will adore.