5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Couples

5 Outdoor Winter Activities for Couples

Take advantage of the time that you and your significant other have together and make the most memorable moments this winter season. Here are five outdoor winter activities for couples to help you get started on your winter adventures together.

Skiing in the Mountains

One of the most classic excursions that screams winter is skiing. If you’re both adventurous and active, then this might be the trip for you. Nothing says exhilaration like skiing down the side of a mountain at high speed! Just make sure you’re wearing your thermal wear out there on the peaks.

Ice Skating

For a more casual and laid-back kind of date, this ice skating takes the cake. Ice skating can be a wonderful way to bond and spend time together while it’s cold out. Watch and hold each other on the ice and under the stars.


Though it’s typically considered an activity for children, sledding is a classic means of entertainment after a heavy snow. All you’ve wanted to do for days now is get out in that white wonderland. So make sure you grab your sleds and take your partner so you can both have hours of outdoor entertainment.

Winter Camping

When it’s cold outside, one of the most enjoyable things you can do is keep good company around a nice outdoor fire. While you’re at it, go ahead and pitch a tent for the night and make it a home away from home.


Wherever you go, local towns and urban metros often hold various festivals year-round. However, some of the best happen during the winter season. So get in the spirit and join the fun for music, food, dancing, and what other events a festival may offer.

If you’re wondering what you can do with your significant other during the winter months, have no fear. We have listed five outdoor winter activities for couples to help inspire you to spend time together and get active during the winter season.