Best Ways To Prevent Winter Sports Injuries

Best Ways To Prevent Winter Sports Injuries

In the summer months, the weather is hot, and athletes don’t have to worry about injuries caused by cold weather. If you’re an athlete or a parent whose child plays sports in the winter, continue reading to learn how to prevent a winter sports injury.

Warm Up Time

Cold temperatures tighten muscles and make people vulnerable to injuries. Before an outdoor game or practice, always stretch and perform various warm-up exercises. The best exercises are the most common movements athletes execute during the game itself, so perform similar movements to activate those muscles.

Gradually preparing one’s body before a game is the best way to be ready to go 100 percent. Your muscles tighten in the cold quickly. Athletes need to keep their bodies moving as the game goes on, even if they aren’t on the field. Stretch and perform warm-up exercises as often as possible.

Layers of Clothing

Each sport requires different uniforms, but in the winter cold, all sports have one thing in common: wearing warm layers of clothing.

Warm base layers trap body heat and cool off your body as you exercise. Wearing layers is also the safest way to keep all your muscles warm. If your muscles are cold, they tighten, cause limited mobility, and lead to injuries. Bring several layers to add or remove as you play.

Wear the Right Gear

Wear the proper gear on top of your uniform. Remember all aspects of the gear: goggles, helmet, gloves, cleats, padding, and whatever else your sport requires. While the base layer of clothing will keep your body warm and prevent injuries, your fully functioning sports gear is the protective layer that will keep you safe from impact.

Always check that the gear and equipment work properly before a game. This protects the individual player and their teammates.

If you have young children who are playing sports this winter, check out Hot Chillys’ midweight youth thermal shirts so they can stay bundled up and play sports safely just like the big kids.

Layer up, keep moving, and stay warm to prevent a winter sports injury!