Reasons To Cover Your Face in Extremely Cold Temperatures

Reasons To Cover Your Face in Extremely Cold Temperatures

Bracing yourself for the cold. Layering your clothes, focusing on the arms, legs, midsection, and feet. You feel ready to take on whatever the weather throws your way, but you might have forgotten to cover up one crucial body part.

Many people forget about the consequences of not wearing face protection. Continue reading for some of the most important reasons to cover your face in extremely cold temperatures.

Prevent Windburn and Frostbite

You’ll encounter dry skin, rosy cheeks, and chapped lips on cold winter days. That’s the average experience for most people. However, the consequences of failing to wear face protection are much worse when it comes to extremely cold temperatures.

Another reason to cover your face is to prevent windburn and frostbite. Dry air and strong winds remove the moisture from your skin. Paired with frigid temperatures, forgetting to cover your face in the cold will result in windburn and, in extreme cases, frostbite.

Frostbite commonly appears on the nose because of the skin’s sensitivity. When you forget to cover your nose, you risk contracting frostbite on the face. That’s why it’s extremely important to protect your entire face with a face covering so you don’t risk injuring your skin.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

When the weather is cold, it’s easy to forget about the sun’s power. UV rays reflect off the snowy surface and onto your face. In these conditions, it’s easy to get a sunburn without realizing it.

While applying sunscreen is important, wearing a warm face covering is more effective. No matter what activity you’re participating in, wearing outdoor thermal wear face protection in extreme cold weather is a must!

Shield Your Eyes

Covering your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin is very important, but when it comes to winter face protection, you cannot forget about shielding your eyes. As mentioned above, the bright sun can be blinding at times. Not only does eye protection keep your vision intact, but it also fights against the wind.

Strong winds will quickly dry out your eyes, making your eyes uncomfortable and impairing your vision. Wearing a sturdy pair of polarized goggles will help keep your eyes ready to take on any adventure in the cold.

Not only can you care for your body when you’re in the cold by layering up, but you can also take the proper steps to care for your face after exposure. Use a gentle cleanser, apply a moisturizer, and try a humidifier to help bring some more moisture back to your skin.

Using precautions before enduring the cold and conducting proper aftercare is the only way to keep your skin healthy in the cold weather.