Ways To Warm Yourself Up When Winter Climbing

Ways To Stay Warm on Winter Climbing Days
Have you ever tried rock or ice climbing in winter? Winter climbing allows you to experience a new kind of climbing while seeing the winter sights. But like most outdoor winter activities, you can get pretty cold. Battle the cold with these ways to warm yourself up when winter climbing.

Dress in Layers

As with any other outdoor winter activity, you will want to dress in appropriate layers when going climbing in winter. Climbing is an intense type of exercise, so you’ll want a good base layer to keep you dry. Over your base layer, wear an insulating mid-layer and a warm, weatherproof outer layer. If you get too hot while climbing, simply remove a layer.

Climb in the Sun

No matter what season it is, soaking up the sun is one of the best ways to warm yourself up. Choose a sunny day for your climbing trip and try to stay in the sun while climbing and belaying. Despite the cold weather, the sun’s rays will keep you warm. The rocks you are climbing on will also be warmer after the sun shines on them, making the experience more comfortable for you.

Keep Your Hands Warm

When you’re climbing, you’re constantly using your hands. Things become much more difficult if your hands become so cold that you can’t feel them! Keep your hands warm by wearing quality climbing gloves and putting hand warmers into your gloves. You can also warm up your hands by performing exercise to encourage blood circulation to your extremities. Try doing jumping jacks, swinging your hands back and forth, or rubbing them together vigorously.

Bring Snacks and Warm Drinks

To keep up your energy and to help warm yourself up, bring some snacks and a warm drink along on your climbing trip. Your body burns more calories to keep you warm in cold weather than in hot, so be sure that the snacks you bring are high-energy foods like nuts or granola bars. While your layers of clothing will warm you from the outside, a hot drink will warm you from the inside. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or hot water flavored with lemon juice are some good options.

Next time you go rock or ice climbing in cold weather, try these ways to warm yourself up when winter climbing. That way, the quality of your experience will not be at all decreased by the cold weather. If you need help finding the right clothes for layering, check out Hot Chillys’ supply of thermal skins for men, women, and children. We’ll help you take the first step in staying warm during outdoor winter activities.