What To Wear When Cross-Country Skiing

What To Wear When Cross-Country Skiing


Like any winter sport, cross-country skiing requires specific equipment and apparel to help you stay safe and comfortable. Many beginner cross-country skiers mistakenly pile on heavy ski gear and end up overheating in the middle of their routes. Cross-country skiing is an aerobic sport, which means you’ll be getting a workout that does a great job of keeping you warm throughout the day. Fortunately, we’re here with a comprehensive guide on what to wear when cross-country skiing. Pack all the right gear and layer up properly with these expert tips.

A Quality Base Layer

A good base layer is the foundation of any successful winter sports outfit. As you move around, your body is going to produce sweat. If your clothes keep this sweat close to your skin, it will quickly cool down and lower your body temperature. Instead, you want to wear a base layer that wicks moisture away from you, keeping you both dry and warm. Choose a thermal base layer consisting of polyester, Merino wool, or other materials that transfer moisture easily. Your base layer should fit comfortably against your skin, allowing you to add more layers of clothing while also keeping full freedom of movement. When you start your outfit with high-quality thermal skins for men or women, you create a foundation for a warm but functional outfit that will enhance your skiing experience.

Flexible Mid and Outer Layers

When you soar down traditional ski slopes, you want to wear heavy middle and outer layers that keep out extreme cold and wind. In cross-country skiing, however, you need to prepare to travel uphill as well as downhill. It’s easy to overheat when skiing through strenuous, sunlit trails. That’s why part of what to wear when cross-country skiing relies on flexible, lighter middle and outer layers. Not only will you be less likely to overheat, but it’s also easier to shed a lighter outer layer and keep it in your bag if you need to. That said, make sure you still choose a middle layer that provides insulation and retains body heat. Your outer layer should also be waterproof to keep out snow, ice, and fierce winds.

With a little bit of research, you can make sure you have everything you need for a safe, successful, and memorable cross-country ski trip. Stop by Hot Chillys to grab the base layer and winter accessories you need to stay warm and have fun this winter.