The Importance of Wearing Base Layers

The Importance of Wearing Base Layers


If you want to stay active in the winter, you have to stay safe. Part of that means wearing the right gear whenever you head outside. Everyone knows you should layer up to stay warm in cold weather, but what kind of layers should you wear? Why are they important? When you know the science behind your base layer, middle layer, and outer layer, you can choose the right garments to keep you comfy and cozy no matter where the season takes you. Learn more about the importance of wearing base layers with this overview.

Keeping You Warm

The most obvious objective of your base layer is to keep you warm in cold weather. Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports are the highlight of the season for some people, but you can’t participate if you don’t prepare for the cold. Likewise, many people want to keep up their outdoor exercise routine throughout the season. If you plan on running, cycling, or spending any length of time outside in the winter, you need layers to keep you warm. A quality base layer is the foundation you need to build up your outfit and insulate your body from extreme temperatures.

Keeping You Dry

Another massive part of the importance of wearing base layers is staying dry. When you work hard or play hard in the winter, your sweat can cling to your skin and make you lose body heat fast. This can prove dangerous in the cold. That’s why the base layer works to keep you dry. A good base layer is highly breathable and serves to transfer moisture away from your body. This allows sweat to evaporate rather than sticking to your skin, keeping you dry and warm throughout the day.

Keeping You Comfortable

While winter layers are important, they can also be annoying if you don’t choose the right garments. Clothes can bunch up, limit your mobility, or chafe against your skin. The right base pieces help you stay comfortable beneath all those layers. The smooth, stretchy fabric of a quality base layer will hug your skin just right so you can move the way you want without feeling crowded or stuck. Base layers act as a comfortable second skin, so it won’t bunch up as you add a middle and outer layer. It also protects your skin from rubbing against the zippers or buttons of your other layers.

When you’re warm, dry, and comfortable, you can enjoy even more of your favorite winter activities. Find the perfect micro elite chamois or cold-weather base layers for your winter fun by visiting Hot Chillys today.